Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gahh Best/Worst Dressed of my birthday :)

Party Theme-Modern Mother goose

Graphic-Design-Hmmmmm gosh darnit I'm bias but one of my fav's! Probably cause I gave the loverly lady the idea of being a modern Madousa! I love the simplicity but the snakes add some flare.

Rachweee123: Nice! My only worry is that she didn't put the dress on properly :O

Graphic-Design- This Edgy cinderella took my breath away with her biker chic blend with blue hotbuys dress. I love everything my only critique is the shoes are grunge enough but somehow not the right pairing with the outfit....

Rachweee123: Nice, but heels would be better with the outfit.

Graphic-Design- GAHHHH I love this chick-o-la, her dress is great with minishop bed curtain thingy ma bobs but I have one scandal to report, I see London I see France I see Adri's underpants :)
Rachweee123: Haha, cute skirt thingy :D

Graphic-Design- Me loves the lady but wish there was some more layering/possibly hair color change since the shade is too close to the dress color scheme.

Rachweee123: Plain. That's all I can say about it.
Graphic-Design- This girly has a gypsy feel to her outfit, the "tat" adds some spunk, and this is the first time I have found the free shoes to look good with an ensemble. I wish her hair was a little different though, it's cute with almost everything but not this kind of gown.

Rachweee123: Wow, that is one trashy lady! LOL. I agree with Tommy, I dislike the hair with that outfit but the dress & those free tacky Bollywood-esque shoes is too much of an overload. Sorry.

Graphic-Design- So cotton candy fluffy pink that I just want to eat her *MUNCH* I like the use of the leighton belt with pink converse sorta Demi Lovata esque?Well anywhoooo me likey the pink :)
Rachweee123: I love the dress, it gives me a floaty feeling, like I'm flying, hahaha! I dislike the Converse with it though, she would have done so much better with heels or pumps :P

Graphic-Design- God she looks so cut throat fashionista like a true villain I mean where would Cruella be without out her looks, I mean white/black hair is hot :D Me also likes the booties so I'm gonna kick the door down!

Rachweee123: HOT, HOT, HOT! Love the outfit! :D Super classy as well.

Graphic-Design- This was a very cute princess-y look but I felt the black heart was out of place, I mean I think some glamorized pearls would define the look better. Otherwise she looked adorable to a "T"

Rachweee123: CUTE! I actually don't mind the necklace but the blue thing in her hair doesn't match her outfit.

Graphic-Design- I hate to be mean but I mean I have never seen an outfit appropriate for knee high boots, to me a little skanky, no offense of course since me is whore-bag :D

I just don't feel her outfit was really for the occasion and looked like a M.K&A overload.

Rachweee123: I agree with Tom on this. Her outfit is mainly made of MKA real brand clothing & they're too preppy for me. Knee high boots are cool but they look horrible with this sort of outfit. Note: Knee high boots look way better with black minidresses, fishnet stockings if you want a whore-ish, skanky look, haha.

Graphic-Design- MY favorite of the night :)Heck pink and white reminds me of strawberry milkshakes *slurp* :D Well anywaysss she looks all prim and proper royalty even with the white rose pin then BAM fishnets where her inner whore shines :)

Rachweee123: That's me! :O

Graphic-Design- Another trampy cinderella tehe :D
Well I think it looked great minus the free rose things in the hair, IDK but those things are always a turn off to me and I have never seen them actually look good on a person without being obnoxious. The witch of the west leg warmers don't really add to the look but it's not bad cause she looks red hot in the red dress :)

Rachweee123: I often find free things very tacky so this outfit is a total no-go. Sorry, I'm sure you're a very nice person mascaa if you're reading this. Teehee!

Love Tom+Steph <3


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. And, just because I'm bored and I have nothing better to do with my life, I'm going to rate each one of these (Tom, here yah go--it's my 5 paragraph essay! yay!)

TopMedoll-Funky, funky! The hair is really crazy, but I love it. 4.5/5

lilian112-I like what she's trying to do, but all the accessories AND the shoes? It's just too much for meeee. 3.5/5

Hershey1011-I've seen similar, but some how it's very original. Like it, well, except for the lingerie slip. :P 4/5

JoJo234-Plain, boring....NEXT! 1/5

ladybug030-Hate the hair, the dress is cool, the tatoo is puke. 2/5

millyh2o-a little bit plain, it's kinda missing something. BUT, love the converse...SO Demi! xx 4/5

red_lolipops-LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Very well put together. :) 5/5

hot_stuff_mwa98-cluttered, cheapy, just too pink...2/5

Nessa_V.- I'm not a huga fan of this season of MK&A, but really gets me is the hair. The style is puke, and the accessories put the cherry on top of the cake. 2/5

Rachweee123-LOVE IT! :P My only complaint is the shoes. The net tights mixed with strappy sandals look to complicated. :( 4.5/5

mascaa-The roses turn off the lights for me. Dress is good. The boots? Just a little too bold for me. 2/5

Anonymous said...

The only one I really, really hate is the last one.

Lettie97 said...

Tara looks sexy :O

hot_stuff_mwa98 said...

I think that the best-dressed was...............................................................................................................Hershey1011!!!!

That Tara Girl said...

Dude, I was the total rebel!