Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pass or Fail HotBuys October 2009?


Hot buys purse: I'm sorry but this looks good quality but kinda looks like Ursula from the little mermaid ......6/10

Hot buys necklace: It looks vintage&colorful me likey  8.5/10

Hot Buys bag: Quilts=grandma...Purple Quilts=cool grandma :D 8/10

Hot Buys Hotpants:Borrowing boyfriends undies...scandalous :) 10/10

Hot Buys skirt: It could be cute but the colors are kinda blahhhhh 7/10

Hot Buys "blause": Besides the typo the blouse is sheer perfecion very classy 10/10!

Hot Buys shirt: Reminds me of  baby poo, I mean look at the color scheme...5/10

Hot Buys shoes: If those don't say stripper I don't know what does....2/10

Hot Buys jacket: Very chic the pinkish belt makes it pop 9/10

Hot Buys fishnet scarf: Hmmm this ones a has to be on the right outfit or you'll look like a hobo from the sea....5/10

Hot Buys dress: Flashback to my attic, sixties mod dresses the thing is the colors put me to sleep, nothing special 6/10.

OVERALL GRADE: Approximate 7/10

You've been BAD I'm breaking out the cuffs...wait a minute they're missing?! O:

I expected better of you stardoll! Geesh at least with the Miss.Sixty collection no offence but I found  it a total snooze fest and a rip off. I'll keep on grumbling if I don't start on a new subject, I guess stardoll was to lazy to put in one item of the Miss. Sixty collection because there is a missing bracelet grrrr. Haha well not actually like I was going to buy it come to think of it, I've kinda gotten over all the fad brands I like my vintage collection geesum I sound like a snob. In real life I'm an H&M addict so maybe thats why I don't spend my hard earned stardollars frivolously. 

I was sketching the starplaza today and saw there was a black dress in Decades for non-ss, to me it was kinda fugly but with some accesories the black potato sack could have a new life...
There are so many look a likes in the starplaza it frustrates me so much,  I mean why pay more? This whole elite-ist thing is a pile of poo....

 Love, Noelle aka cookiemonste12 :) 
all graphics made by me :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tis the Time for a wrinkly gathering...can you say PARTY?

YES sir reeee this party is for those over 90 years old :D HAHA I'm so excited for the details click the picture but basically BEST AND WORST dressed grandmas will be featured and commented here! Invite friends :)

Love, Noelle

Sluts in skirts oh wait no skirt....):

Leurtedeur is my definition of life right now....

Leurtedeur- A state of boredom that is so great that stupidity follows.
Yep kinda the reason why I spent ten minutes dressing my medoll as trampy as I could....
Well don't she look chock full of STD's? I have a feeling Lady Gaga would even turn her down :) 
On a more PG note  I noticed a freaking big glitch well not really just a double....

See one for you and one to cover up SluttyMctramp face from above :D
Whooo I feel I got my potty mouth credits done with don't you think? :D

Love, Noelle aka cookiemonste12

Greetings Earthlings I come with a new author :)

Hello! So siked to be revamping the blog, thus I am going to be writing the traditional newbie post. Well, first things first my name is Noelle aka Cookiemonste12 and I'm kinda here to take the reins where  Tom left off. Tom and I are best buddies in real life and at the moment he is in ICU for his leukemia, which he has been making great strides with till about month ago. He always wanted to re manage blog once his life got in order again so I thought he would be pleasantly surprised when he's ready to come back that his blog is back-to-normal :) I did decide to change the banner up top due to the fact lettie97 is no longer on stardoll stall and I am...... -----> 

Back to zeee gossip... oh wait there is none.....): 

I am a stardoll doctor (really check out my diploma ....I didn't print it out myself or anything  :) and prescribe all this PATHETIC gossip lately to two diagnosis's....
Shims- Basically gender benders online, who think making themselves have or havenot a gardenhose makes them cool *ahem* danpuffs....    :/

Multi-doll personality- Typically one person who has multiple accounts, so they can promote themselves, or even cause a scandal between the same person can you get a hobby please? *nudge* perez star gossip

UGHHHH  please some multi-doll personalities please start a feud cuz I'm kinda bored outta my freaking mind D:

Love, Noelle aka cookiemonste12
P.S. All graphics made by me