Sunday, September 27, 2009

You've been BAD I'm breaking out the cuffs...wait a minute they're missing?! O:

I expected better of you stardoll! Geesh at least with the Miss.Sixty collection no offence but I found  it a total snooze fest and a rip off. I'll keep on grumbling if I don't start on a new subject, I guess stardoll was to lazy to put in one item of the Miss. Sixty collection because there is a missing bracelet grrrr. Haha well not actually like I was going to buy it come to think of it, I've kinda gotten over all the fad brands I like my vintage collection geesum I sound like a snob. In real life I'm an H&M addict so maybe thats why I don't spend my hard earned stardollars frivolously. 

I was sketching the starplaza today and saw there was a black dress in Decades for non-ss, to me it was kinda fugly but with some accesories the black potato sack could have a new life...
There are so many look a likes in the starplaza it frustrates me so much,  I mean why pay more? This whole elite-ist thing is a pile of poo....

 Love, Noelle aka cookiemonste12 :) 
all graphics made by me :D