Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello luveydovies :)

Let's do a new kind of post called "Da Roll" we may need a plus sized one for VNVI but we'll get into that later....
First off whoa creepy twin give me the heeby jeebies more than a 48 year old man in a victorias secret smelling the thongs, I mean the twins are "TWO" perfect (haha bad pun) then really I mean it won't be them responding just some publicity manager for them to give them a good ol' squeky clean image......
THEM oh em GEEE DanPuffs is my twin!! YEA well he has black hair but we're both rocking the nerdalicious glasses XD Maybe I should wear his outfit and complete the look.....O:
Ohkaay I'm ALL for high fashion but the ballon trousers are VERY Mc'D's addict size, (no offense) I don't see them as a worthy item to be rare...Cause if you want your medoll to be larger change the settings...but for reals they have a camel toe the size of a volkswagon beetle EWWWWW O:
Much love to Vnvi cause she does have a gorgeous medoll just a couple oompa loompas hiding in her pants...
Love, Tom

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Resolved & Destroyed.

Now they have gone too far. Seriously. Okay, so, today I was talking to Tommy (Graphic-design) and.. he told me all his deigns were gone. For all of you who don't know, Tommys designs were stunning. Yes, more stunning than those gummy bears you see at the store. Hours, days, possibly even weeks to make them! News flash, longer than you crave Gummy bears. They've taken it too far now. I just feel like marching through that screen, and biting them. With Adri germs. seriously, how would you feel, if your designs were gone, that you spent, hours, days, weeks on?! Now, I'm just pissed.

Meanwhile.. things with adrianarocks98 and me are all good now. I guess we both apoloogized to each other, and I didn't wanna fight anymore, so everythings good now.I like the sweet smell of friendship!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stardolls Cheap Birthday!

Ah. So, Guess what? It's Stardoll's year old Birthday! How exciting. Mm, I wonder how they'll celebrate, Oh, maybe with our Money?! Obviously! Or maybe they'll go crazy and make a virtual cake 30 stardollars? Who knows! But.. I do know one thing. Stardoll's ugly cheap clothes are here. Ooh, I know, how exciting? Virtual Rags! But, stardoll is so cheap, that they didn't make their clothes free! yeah, That's right- they want more o our money, even though they probably have 2, Trillion bucks.

Monday, April 20, 2009

THE bad girls of da week...


Aren't I really scary bad *drops hello kitty purse then begins to sob*
Well erm anyways.....
Decided to make a hall of fame of bad girls/gender benders....
Paulina-Where the hell are our 50,000 members gifts? Up the wazzoo of the 56 year old man who actually manages your account? Well I thought if I joined the pansy club I would get something out of it...Probably backed out of the deal cause she realized her careers going down the porcelain express and wants no more advertisement like on free t-shirts displaying her dwindling career.
Fay- For being the biggest liar I know, taking things out of context and trying to gain fame from others pain. Tsk Tsk, just because your elite status stinks like a rotten egg doesn't mean you have to make Charli's life hell. She is a kind creature, like a unicorn, she has a weapon of defense but rarely uses it unless provoked! Puh-lease little girl Fay go get your chest hair waxed.
Last but not least Springate/Anthony-I put shim as the joker cause of how "she" disappeared on the real springate account but came back as "her" boy self...confuzzling eh? the bad ass part is he's even bitch-ier as a boy...O:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just a few scribbles of gossip on "the" wall....


After a long (week) hiatus I decided to re-enter the jungle of stardoll! OHHH Look a monkey woops that is "springate" TEHE
The bitch is back, whoa!
I mean in a semi-male form he looks like a combo of fakeshake3 and model-selena with a little bit of abs the only thing defining "it" as a male.....
Anyways I personally adored LE, expensive as usual but you know if you scooped up some it would be gone and be worth 10 times the amount you paid for it...
I only got the sequined vest haha it was the only thing that kinda fir my medoll....
THEN  the louis v is on sale on stardoll china, damn you asians getting all the good brands!
Well anyways I put a T+B=love>
Love, Tom

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It's meeeeeeeee! :-]]]
Sorry for the lack of posting darlinks :(

Firstly, STARDOLL GOES CHAV! :O No worries, I'm just as scared as you are! The new Street Dancer theme is totally chavvy! XD
Excusing all the chav-ness, Paulina decides to give all the members of her club a free gift! What ever will it be? An item from her closet? Some sort of piece of crap? An alien? God knows and God wants to find out! Sorry God, your gonna have to wait like all the other good Stardollians!
Among all of that, all the Beautiful, Dirty, Rich girls [and maybe boys] await for the arrival of LE! Just where is it, lost at sea? Or is Stardoll too slow and lazy to put it in the shop?!
Lastly, Kasia aka Undamyumbrella has decided to leave Perez! We'll all miss her but of course, it was her choice! Bye Bye Kasia-amazia :(

Until next time, my dearies XD

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey bitches!

Lol, just joking about the title, it was to get your attention, I hoped it worked.

You can find me on Stardoll at Rachweee123 & I'm happy to be writing for this blog.

Sorry about my lack of banner, I'll get one soon. :]]


Woah baby! You know renevations means something BIG is happening :D

So I saw some people got the last collections charm already meaning another edition of LE is due anytime now!
I feel like and expectant mother about to blow!!!
Hopefully they have boys clothes......
Or I could be a tranny for awhile XD
Love, Tommmmmmy

Gahh Best/Worst Dressed of my birthday :)

Party Theme-Modern Mother goose

Graphic-Design-Hmmmmm gosh darnit I'm bias but one of my fav's! Probably cause I gave the loverly lady the idea of being a modern Madousa! I love the simplicity but the snakes add some flare.

Rachweee123: Nice! My only worry is that she didn't put the dress on properly :O

Graphic-Design- This Edgy cinderella took my breath away with her biker chic blend with blue hotbuys dress. I love everything my only critique is the shoes are grunge enough but somehow not the right pairing with the outfit....

Rachweee123: Nice, but heels would be better with the outfit.

Graphic-Design- GAHHHH I love this chick-o-la, her dress is great with minishop bed curtain thingy ma bobs but I have one scandal to report, I see London I see France I see Adri's underpants :)
Rachweee123: Haha, cute skirt thingy :D

Graphic-Design- Me loves the lady but wish there was some more layering/possibly hair color change since the shade is too close to the dress color scheme.

Rachweee123: Plain. That's all I can say about it.
Graphic-Design- This girly has a gypsy feel to her outfit, the "tat" adds some spunk, and this is the first time I have found the free shoes to look good with an ensemble. I wish her hair was a little different though, it's cute with almost everything but not this kind of gown.

Rachweee123: Wow, that is one trashy lady! LOL. I agree with Tommy, I dislike the hair with that outfit but the dress & those free tacky Bollywood-esque shoes is too much of an overload. Sorry.

Graphic-Design- So cotton candy fluffy pink that I just want to eat her *MUNCH* I like the use of the leighton belt with pink converse sorta Demi Lovata esque?Well anywhoooo me likey the pink :)
Rachweee123: I love the dress, it gives me a floaty feeling, like I'm flying, hahaha! I dislike the Converse with it though, she would have done so much better with heels or pumps :P

Graphic-Design- God she looks so cut throat fashionista like a true villain I mean where would Cruella be without out her looks, I mean white/black hair is hot :D Me also likes the booties so I'm gonna kick the door down!

Rachweee123: HOT, HOT, HOT! Love the outfit! :D Super classy as well.

Graphic-Design- This was a very cute princess-y look but I felt the black heart was out of place, I mean I think some glamorized pearls would define the look better. Otherwise she looked adorable to a "T"

Rachweee123: CUTE! I actually don't mind the necklace but the blue thing in her hair doesn't match her outfit.

Graphic-Design- I hate to be mean but I mean I have never seen an outfit appropriate for knee high boots, to me a little skanky, no offense of course since me is whore-bag :D

I just don't feel her outfit was really for the occasion and looked like a M.K&A overload.

Rachweee123: I agree with Tom on this. Her outfit is mainly made of MKA real brand clothing & they're too preppy for me. Knee high boots are cool but they look horrible with this sort of outfit. Note: Knee high boots look way better with black minidresses, fishnet stockings if you want a whore-ish, skanky look, haha.

Graphic-Design- MY favorite of the night :)Heck pink and white reminds me of strawberry milkshakes *slurp* :D Well anywaysss she looks all prim and proper royalty even with the white rose pin then BAM fishnets where her inner whore shines :)

Rachweee123: That's me! :O

Graphic-Design- Another trampy cinderella tehe :D
Well I think it looked great minus the free rose things in the hair, IDK but those things are always a turn off to me and I have never seen them actually look good on a person without being obnoxious. The witch of the west leg warmers don't really add to the look but it's not bad cause she looks red hot in the red dress :)

Rachweee123: I often find free things very tacky so this outfit is a total no-go. Sorry, I'm sure you're a very nice person mascaa if you're reading this. Teehee!

Love Tom+Steph <3

Friday, April 3, 2009

Whoa here N1mka4eva....I think you're BEAUTIFUL :)

Aww this cutie patootie otherwise known as N1mka4eva is my little white haired geisha of a goddess  :) She is sporting a 1950's esque bathing suit designed by me to kick off (hopefully) some warmer sunnier weather! Yes I'm biased cause she's one of my biffles but I don't care :) 
Love, Tom