Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's meeeeeee! [Finally!]

The bad at graphics, very adorkable and clumsy girl is at your service! :]

Stardoll have decided to go 'green' and advertise Earth Hour. Make sure you switch all your lights off because 1] It's a good deed! and 2] You don't want Callie coming to your house at midnight with an ice cream cone in her hand shouting 'WHY? WHY? WHY? SUPPORT STARDOLL!' now would you?

Again, because of the Earth Hour, Stardoll decided to give us some free crap! [whoop!] This time though, the boys get something! [whoop!] I guess crap can be good... sometimes.

Ta ta for now.
Remember those lights!
Love, Lettie xoxo

Friday, March 27, 2009

GOING gaga over GOSSIP!

LIKE OMG, I'm GaGa over Lady Gaga (Thus I made the doll and dress) :D

And seems like everybody else is too.....
Probably sephora found that it was not a good marketing device I mean how many 10 year olds wear make-up??
Good waste of millions on Sephora's part....
Also some ugly new Folk clothes in the shop, whats new?
I was wondering stardoll and came across the cheesy spectacular ad and clicked and it to me to here......
That's the code to see all the banners ever on the stardoll website, whoo waste five minutes....*GO NOW* bahaha
Go to the root site and it gives you several ip address's that have some secret stardoll unlocking items and such but blocked now ):
Like I think this has to do with the loophole from back in the day.....O:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FLUSH me a riverrrrr

Sorry for the suck-ish image, did in like 2 minutes for a bit of fun... well anywhoo here's the flush list or basically the things on staroll that is like hicuups, annoying and keep coming up again! Well I guess I might detail a bit...
Beverlyhillshei A) because if you're gonna have a fake identity at least make it easy to believe I mean billionaire? You would OWN stardoll.
The broadcast system bugs the crap out of me, I mean no fun words I feel like a nun at a catholic school who slaps you rulers stardoll stop being all nun-ish! LAWLcakes....
Also could the stardoll staff being paid in india 10 cents an hour at least write something personal replying to your question I mean I was missing DKNY and asked about it and they old me to get more starpoints? How the heckerdoo's does that help?!?
Ahhh stardoll in he glory of being useless but addicting!
Love, Tom

Party time....

Lettie is holding an amazing GUESTBOOK PARTY :D

So let all of your inner tranny's out!
Girls dress like guys 
Guys dress like girls!

Best shall be posted on the wall worst shall be flushed here! EEEEEEKKKKKK

Monday, March 23, 2009

Scrubbing away the grime of stardoll

Virtual hookers? Whoa Lady_lush I mean I'm not one of those annoying yonkerdoodles who pleads everyone to keep it P.G. but I mean this level of attention seeking is a wee bit hilarious. 

Also in BIG NEWs or not really lil'iest pet shop is back whopdedooo I mean I bet those 8 year old non-ss shall pee their pants cause they can get something so vomit worthy cute for so cheap!

No news of italian mafia lately, not saying there ever was one but just an excuse for people to not accept/reject friend requests....

Then last but not least The Julian.stardoll staff sketch had a humongous link to myspace basically begging users to go and to make matters a little more freaky he wears mores make-up than a 90 year old Florida grandmother on bingo night.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Like oh em geee it Lettie and Tommay :D

You know those ah-mazing school bathroom stalls that have all the juicy rumors condensed in one space (convenient reading much)? Well that's what me (graphic-design) and Lettie97 tried to accomplish with this stardoll gossip blog, blunt facts that make an impact. Well some may say were exaggerating were saying what you all are thinking but hate to admit. So we scribble it on our "virtual" bathroom stall for all to enjoy and what the heck giggle a bit.
This first we we featured a multitude of things....
Arna-rut and Dodence_bt 's feud that escalated to having Arna called a virtual skank and worst then Angelica or the a list composer started to also gang up on arna wishing her brain cells to the grave with unlimited drinking.

Then tylerisbomb was all on Isabella.arci to hack her account for a loan might of well stood on a street corner cause that's about his same chance to make some moola.

After all this crap the hotbuy's were released there were a few stunners but will be the basic's of every wannabe elite's wardrobe....

Also Perezstargossip the original gossip guru account closed, so rumor's are circulating....

Tommay :D