Monday, May 18, 2009


Oops, sorry, had some baaad Chili. Your just jealous of my unlady like manners. ADMIT IT. IT'S OKAY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO. I SAID ADMIT IT!
:D Gosh, making me yell?! Meeeaaannwwhhiiillllleeee. I'm still like, like, so, like, mad, that, like, like, animal-lovers, like got, like deleted, like yeah. Like. UGH LIKE! STOP, GOSH LIKE LIKE.
Out of the word like mode. [: I gotta admit, I kinda sorta miss the pervs.. like, they just made-up stardoll. You know, just like, the chewiness inside a gummybear?! If there was no chewiness inside a gummybear.. THEN IT WOUDLN'T BE A GUMMYBEAR. So, Like now, (Ooops, said like again..) Stardoll is boring..
Meanwhile. What the heck is up with the Norweign stuff? No offence to anyone, I actually think it is cool. But it should be free.. I mean, Its a holiday, right??!!? So it should be free. My point- proven.

I wonder when LE will come out again. I think the DUI or whatever its called store replaced it, with LE. Hmm. I want Summer Le. I'M TALKING MINI SHORTS, BAYBAAAAY!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The flying unicorns ate my cheeseburger thus....

....I am going to be off in lala land in the search of yummy goodness gahh well actually I have a freakin truckload of tests and will be kinda busy sooooo thought I would warn you I would be MIA for a few days/week ....Thought I would leave you with this pleasant image......of stardolls new writer who looks like a cyborg with overgrown caterpillars for eyebrows....

love, Tommayyyy
Me shall miss you :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Deplhin12 and x_emz_1997_x = UGLY HO.

I'm so pissed. But, I'm going to get mean now. Okay, delphin12, you need to shut the fuck up. Okay sweeheart? Look at your messed up face you scammer. She and x_emz_1997_x scammed ooits_caz out of 300 stardollars, saying that she will sell her account to Ooits_caz, took the money, blocked her. delphin12 and x_emz_1997_x YOU WILL GET YOUR ACCOUNT DELETED. Unless you decide to give her her money back.

You will, just watch. Don't even think about deleting Cazs' account, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE DELETED. Watch me, you fat ass twig. I don't care what I'm saying, right now, I'm just pissed at what this ho ddi to my best friend on her birthday.


I'm out.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


OK, OK. I exaggerated.
But I do really, really, really need a banner! (hint, hint).
Don't make me do the puppy dog face! :]

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sunday, May 3, 2009

DAYUUUUUUM <-- New word, I OWN IT!

Mind the title? Back off bitches, I own the word Dayuuum now, and I can only use it.

So, if i say Dayuuuum to you, don't have a panick attack on me- take it as a compliment, bitch.

Okay anyways, now, I'm going to get mean! >:D OOH WATCH OUT, I'M ON A ROLL!

Ooh, Check it out vampire rap! He looks like hes drunk. Setting such a good example, huh stardoll?!

Stardollars that expire, wow, so useful?! cough *cheap* cough. What! I DIDN'T SAY THAT.

Meanwhile, the pervs are now homeless because animal-lovers got deleted all because of those little 8 year olds complaining to their Mommys and daddys. BOOHOO SUCK IT UP. (: I gotta admit...

I'll miss those pervs! *Tear*

BTW.. I'm having problems with the pictures. Theyre always coming out too small.
Byeeeeeeeeeeeee -
Adri (: Hershey1011

Saturday, May 2, 2009

TICK TOCK you're running out of time ):

ER-godddd you HAVE to sign up for this rare opportunity where every competitor has an equal fair chance and a fresh face could be put in the spotlight :)

Comment to sign up at this post PRESS HERE! Thanksies best of luck!

Yo yo yo, wanna some LE?

The third collection of LE STILL hasn't sold out even though it's been like 3 weeks since it was released.
There are 3 crappy bags still left totalling 400 sd altogether.
I can see why nobody wanted to buy them.
Also, Antidote hasn't sold out either & it's been like almost 2 months! There's a 35 stardollar shelf still left.
Who thinks Stardoll should stop releasing "limited" brands?
I do!
-Sticks hand up-
That's it for now.
Peace out.

Disappointment indeed.

Dayumm, disappointment doesn't even cover my shock, anger & fury.
Well, every 10 million members Stardoll gets, they celebrate it by handing out free stuff to members.
Last year when Stardoll was at 20 million, we received 20 free stardollars & there was that lottery dress comp. The lottery dresses are like, UBER rare now.
Now, they reward us with tacky clothing. :/ Only the shirts are free, the bag & the big star costs us.
Wow, I'm sure that a big 30 stardollar yellow star would be soooooooo useful.
There, I'm done with my rant.
Peace out.

Friday, May 1, 2009


GAHHH look at that beautayyyy! Promo for my magazine new issue for SUMMER WHOOOO, ONE of the FEW and PROUD magazines that is done all by ME no roiworld crap yea!! Me needs my albino self to get a tan! Woot Woot~

So with that I am in the search for A COVERMODEL *ahem ahem* If you catch my drift I am going to have a competition for all y'all to sign up and then vote OH EM GEEE! So everybody can stop bitching that an "elite" got the spot it's a democracy vote so shove it :)

STEP 1: The first 50 will sign up here, if you don't make the cut sorry firs come first serve :) (If less signs ups then 50 so be it the drawing ends 5/4/09 no exceptions) 
Step 2: I shall put a poll with a picture of the 50 medoll then top ten to vote on, then post the winner who gets the grand prize of being the covermodel and having an inside article and sub photoshoots! O:
Not all that hard eh? Tell your friends a hobo whoever just remember to VOTE :D
Anyone is available to join all gender/races ect..even members of the blog excluding Tom XD
No putting down or making rude comments about contestants!
Love, Tommmmayyy